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There’s NO Tomorrow | Post Carbon Institute

2012 February 27

Commentary on this video from Michael C. Ruppert of Collapse Net

From the Post Carbon Institute, this is the single-best film I have ever seen describing the crisis now upon the Earth. My personal advice is that if there are members of your family still in denial, ask them to watch this thirty-minute video. Swear to them that it will be the last thing you ask them to look at… ever. And if — after viewing it — they are still in denial your choices become clear. If it is your spouse in denial, get a divorce immediately. If it is other family members, cut yourself off and create distance from them as fast as you can. Make a sacred vow to yourself that if the people you would like to awaken refuse to see, you will never waste a second of your own energy (which you will need to survive yourself) trying to persuade them further. You have done the best you could and to waste additional personal energy is suicidal behavior that will harm you. (Climb down off the Cross, we need the lumber!)

The world has until the end of March to prepare. And the “climate” we will all be living in after that will not tolerate anyone but those most focused on lifeboat building. Evolve or perish. Grow up or die. It’s all amazingly simple to see and understand. You must cut loose anything that stands in the way of being prepared, of doing what you can to be as ready as possible for the Spring, Summer, and what will follow.

Tip of the hat to Post Carbon for a remarkable film, pulling together all the wisdom and knowledge gained since M. King Hubbert did his first calculations. I don’t think it will ever be explained more clearly than this. — MCR

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Posted by Gypsy Chief