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A Stake Through The Heart

2010 June 12
by GNUinator
Scary Vampire

SCO Corp Vampires Lose Cause of Action

Groklaw has the story. Stewart Rules: Novell Wins! CASE CLOSED. What follows is a complete wrapup of the long standing case of SCO vs. Novell regarding intellectual property rights to Linux code. SCO has been maintaining that Linux users owe them licensing fees. They say that Linux is based on UNIX code that they, SCO own. See the Groklaw story for complete details of the ruling.

Could SCO appeal? Not too likely since SCO is in bankruptcy and they would have to get permission of the bankruptcy judge to spend any more money on this case. So it seems that a stake has been driven through the heart of this particular vampire.

In reporting this story Yahoo! Finance headlined SCO to Sponsor Next Season of “The Biggest Loser”. Their story is by John Paczkowski The author says this case may finally be over See the Yahoo! Finance article for their details

A good overall view, though dated may be found Wikipedia article on SCO-Linux_controversies One of the strangest parts of this melodrama was when SCO announced that they would not be suing its own customers. Good to know, huh?


Photo Credit: Mitzi Watson Photography

Posted by The GNUinator