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Glenn Beck: Not ‘All That Bad’ If McConnell Loses To Grimes

2014 October 24

Glenn Beck

Published in Talking Points Memo on October 23, 2014. Written by Sahil Kapur.

Glenn Beck doesn’t think it would be “all that bad for the country” if Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell (R) loses reelection to Alison Lundergan Grimes (D).

Less than two weeks before Election Day, the nationally syndicated talk radio host told his army of conservative listeners on Thursday that even though Grimes is “gonna be worse” for America, making her a senator could be worth the price of ousting an establishment Republican whom he suggested has added “poison” to Congress.

“It’s horrible for the country, but I’m not sure that it’s all that bad for the country,” Beck said. “I’m really not sure it’s all that bad to lose somebody like Mitch McConnell. … I don’t think it’s terrible.”

Beck’s beef with McConnell was on display during the Republican primary when he supported challenger Matt Bevin. But the general election is obviously a different beast. His argument that a McConnell defeat would be acceptable to conservatives is unhelpful to the GOP leader, who is unpopular in Kentucky and has faced questions of voter enthusiasm behind his reelection bid.

Though McConnell has a slight edge, the race is a statistical dead heat, according to the two most recent nonpartisan polls released this week. The election is on Nov. 4.

Below is the audio, followed by a transcript (with emphasis added), of Beck’s conversation with radio co-host Pat Gray.


GRAY: How amazing would [McConnell losing] be after they — after the establishment Republicans worked so hard to get rid of Matt Bevin, would have been a tremendous candidate.

BECK: It’s horrible for the country, but I’m not sure that it’s all that bad for the country. I’m really not sure it’s all that bad to lose somebody like Mitch McConnell.

GRAY: Yeah, I know. I don’t think it’s so bad.

BECK: I don’t think it’s terrible.

GRAY: She would be worse.

BECK: Probably, but… [crosstalk]

BECK: She’s gonna be worse. But I’m tired of playing — I don’t want the poison to come from our own people. I’d rather get rid of all of our own people. Let the poison come from them so we are clean hands and we can say, “We didn’t have anything to do with that. We didn’t have anything to do with that.”


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McConnell Doubles Down on Obamacare Nonsense in Kentucky debate

2014 October 15

Senate Minority Leader McConnell speaks to reporters at U.S. Capitol in Washington


In the first and likely only Kentucky Senate debate, Mitch McConnell continued to offer his nonsensical word salad when it comes to Obamacare and his state’s implementation of it, Kynect. Calling Kynect, just “a website,” McConnell reiterated his position that Obamacare should be repealed.

“Kentucky Kynect is a website. It was paid for by a two-hundred-and-some-odd-million-dollar grant from the federal government. The website can continue but in my view the best interests of the country would be achieved by pulling out ObamaCare root and branch,” McConnell said in a debate with Alison Lundergan Grimes, the Democratic candidate for Senate.

How generous of him to allow the website to continue. The problem, as McConnell well knows but refuses to acknowledge, is that the program is not just a website. Without the federal law, there is no Medicaid expansion and there is no funding for subsidies to help people purchase insurance. And there are 520,000 Kentuckians who would lose their coverage if McConnell had his way, which Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes was quick to point out, saying she’d “stand up for half a million Kentuckians” who have insurance for the first time. She blasted McConnell as being in a “fictional fantasy land” on the issue.

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No on 67 Sings “Get Your Righteous On”

2014 October 14
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Grimes Campaign Claims Knockout Blow in Kentucky Debate

2014 October 14


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How to Bamboozle Voters About Prop 105 GMO Labels

2014 October 12
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Kentucky Senate Race Featured in Maddow Interview of Sen. Warren

2014 October 8


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Gardner Gets Ridiculous: “They are different, they are not the same.”

2014 October 3

“One is a federal bill, one is a state bill, one’s an amendment to the state constitution with a number of other implications. They are different, they are not the same.”

— Cory Gardner, trying to explain his Personhood pretzel to the Durango Herald.

Anyone who has followed Colorado’s Senate race knows about Rep. Cory Gardner’s problem with the Personhood issue (which seeks to ban abortion by changing the definition of life as occurring at “conception”). But for those needing an introduction, here’s a brief summary: Not long after he announced his bid for the U.S. Senate in March, Gardner abruptly declared that he was no longer a supporter of the Personhood issue in Colorado, which is on the ballot for a third time in 2014 after getting pummeled at the polls twice before. Gardner remains a co-sponsor of federal legislation called “The Life Begins at Conception Act,” which is basically the same thing as the ballot measure in Colorado (don’t take our word for it — this has long since been proven to be true).

Sorry, Cory, but the Internet thinks you’re full of shit.

Sorry, Cory, but the Internet thinks you’re full of shit.

Now, because Gardner has declined to remove his name as a co-sponsor of the federal Personhood bill, he has quite the messaging problem on his hands: How do you convince people that you are opposed to Personhood when you are officially listed as a supporter of a Personhood bill in Congress? Gardner’s strategy has been to tell every reporter who asks that “there is no federal Personhood bill,” apparently hoping that if he says this often enough, it will magically come true. In an interview with Fox 31 that aired on Sunday, Gardner repeatedly repeated his mantra that “There is no federal Personhood bill” to flabbergasted reporter Eli Stokols. If you missed the clip from that interview, you should definitely take a moment to check it out in all of its absurdity. Gardner has repeated this same line to numerous reporters, from 9News to the Denver Post to MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” (this morning, in fact), and he has done it so often that it is tarnishing his credibility on any issue; you can’t repeatedly lie about something that is easy for people to research themselves, and then hope that nobody looks at those lies as a very real character flaw.

Perhaps it was inevitable, then, that Gardner would attempt to take his ridiculous Personhood message to new heights of silliness. As Peter Marcus of the Durango Herald writes, Gardner’s Personhood story has gone completely off the rails:

Even sponsors of the Colorado personhood effort equate the federal bill to personhood, and Gardner told The Durango Herald, “We wholeheartedly support both.” said voters should be aware that Gardner still supports a federal bill that would prompt the same concerns over birth control.

But Gardner insists that he has remained a sponsor of the federal bill because they are different policy proposals.

“They are two different pieces of legislation. Different from a procedural standpoint; from a legislative standpoint. So, they are not the same, and they are completely different,” Gardner told the Herald on Tuesday.

When pressed to highlight the policy differences, Gardner answered, “One is a federal bill, one is a state bill, one’s an amendment to the state constitution with a number of other implications. They are different, they are not the same.” [Pols emphasis]

You can almost picture Gardner as a talking robot with a broken circuit: They are different, they are not the same. They are different, they are not the same. They are different, they are not the same.

At this rate, Gardner is going to start telling reporters that the two Personhood measures are written in different types of font. He’s really got nothing left. One is written in Times Roman, one is written in Arial. One is printed on plain copy paper, one is printed on a heavier paper stock. Why can’t you understand the difference?!?

The scary thing for Gardner supporters is that his weirdly repetitive responses are transcending the actual issue. He’s taken this one issue and used it to define himself as a candidate and a politician – if he were a poker player, this would be Gardner’s “tell.” You don’t even need to understand Personhood to see that Gardner is not being honest, and if he’s lying about this…

Source: Colorado Pols

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With 33 Days Until the Election Alison Lundergan Grimes Leads Mitch McConnell 42%-40%

2014 October 2


A new poll of Kentucky released today shows a very unpopular Sen. Mitch McConnell (R) trailing his Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes in the Senate race 42%-40%.

The poll was conducted by the Mellman Group for the Grimes campaign, shows Grimes leading McConnell 42% to 40% with 3% supporting Libertarian David Patterson and 16% undecided. McConnell’s biggest problem remains that voters don’t like him. Sen. McConnell has a 58% negative job approval rating compared to 37% who approve. McConnell’s net is one of the lowest in the country at (-21). Despite a negative ad spending barrage of $40 million against her, Grimes job approval remains in positive territory. 40% approve of her, and 39% disapprove. Given the onslaught of negative ads that she has faced, her net approval rating of (+1) is remarkable.

Grimes gets more of her support from Democrats (75%) than McConnell gets from Republicans (73%). Alison Grimes also leads McConnell with Independents (38%-29%), and moderates (49%-27%). Grimes has a net 25 point lead on the question of who will work to create good jobs, a net 24 point lead on who will work to protect Social Security and Medicare, a 20 point lead on the important question of who cares about people like you, and a 10 point lead on the question of who shares your values.

Usually, internal polls should be taken with a gigantic grain of salt, but this one is important because it has the largest sample size and lowest margin of error of any poll conducted in Kentucky. The poll also surveyed registered voters, not people who consider themselves likely to vote.

The polling has been all over the map during the 2014 election because quite frankly there is a lot of bad polling out there. The NBC/Marist poll gave McConnell an eight-point lead, while a CNN poll had McConnell up by four. The problem is that both of these polls surveyed self-identified likely voters and got their data by randomly dialing phone numbers in the state. (You too could be a pollster if you just started calling people up and asking them if they are planning to vote, and who they are going to vote for.) Needless to say, this is terrible methodology that undergraduate statistics student would be able to spot the potential flaws in. Without a screened representative sample, the data could be unreliable, which is why the polling in the Senate races has been so contradictory.

When a poll is released that shows Mitch McConnell with a positive approval rating or leading with women, those are red flags. McConnell’s job approval has been in negative territory for nearly two years, and he has been unpopular with women for just as long. Thirty-year incumbents don’t suddenly get popular. The problem is that the media and the predictive models treat all polls as being equal, but this is also why they are likely to be wrong.

The reality is that Alison Lundergan Grimes and Mitch McConnell are in a close race. Democrats have more than a puncher’s chance of taking down McConnell. Sen. McConnell is refusing to debate Grimes for a reason. The McConnell campaign knows that the election is close, and they can’t afford to have their candidate share the stage the younger and more energetic Grimes.

McConnell is trying hide behind tens of millions of dollars in negative ads, but the strategy isn’t working. Alison Lundergan Grimes has a real chance to be Kentucky’s next senator.

Source: Politicus. Written by Jason Easley.

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We Couldn’t Make This Stuff Up

2014 September 30
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Ditch Mitch Appealing Billboards

2014 September 29
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paycheck fairness

paycheck fairness

More information: here.


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